Real sharks. Open water. No cages.
A documentary film that will transform this world’s greatest fear into compassion and action
A documentary film that will transform this world’s greatest fear into compassion and action
“I’m thrilled to not only be in this film, but supporting the mission behind it
to put an end to the unnecessary killing of sharks across the globe.”
- Mike Coots, Professional Photographer, Surfer & Shark Advocate
WATCH Mike Coots explain the urgency behind why supporting “Broken Jaws” is vital to the legacy we will leave behind to the next generation.
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The mass killing of sharks in one generation
has become a worldwide epidemic 
Every other breath you take is provided by a healthy ocean, and sharks are
vital to that ecosystem. They are the caretakers of the ocean,
keeping our seas healthy and therefore keeping us healthy.

But they continue to be slaughtered at a rate of 100 million per year,
pushing them to the brink of extinction. In the last 40 years alone,
90% of the world’s shark population has been decimated.

If we don’t take action today, we are in danger of leaving a broken,
irreversible legacy for the next generation.
The health of our oceans hang in the balance.
Broken Jaws is proud to partner with the following Ocean Conservation Organizations 
Shark Stewards
Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii
Coral Reef Alliance
How can one film change the hearts and minds of a nation from fear to compassion?
No one’s soul is more open to be touched and transformed as when
they are drawn into the compelling story of a movie.

“Broken Jaws” follows the heart-pounding journey of three individuals
who have a fear of sharks as they are safely introduced to these beautiful
sea creatures through personal interactions with them in the
open waters of Hawaii. 
Along the way, the audience will meet marine biologists and shark conservationists, including Mike Coots, Kim Holland, and the One Ocean Team, who will educate and inspire viewers to shift their perspective of sharks from monsters to be feared to incredible creatures of the ocean to be respected, protected, and quite possibly even…loved.

From the Producers who brought you the inspiring documentary, “Beyond Sight,” Director Robert Ewing teams up with Hawaii’s best water cinematographers and filmmakers to deliver audiences breathtaking close encounters with sharks in the open water, intimate and emotional interviews, and compelling data with a strong call to action that will touch the hearts of viewers across the country. 
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Experience the satisfaction of playing your part in saving sharks across the world
Time is running out...
Sharks are the white blood cells of our oceans. If their numbers continue to rapidly decrease, we will leave our fragile ecosystem—and the cleanliness of the very air we breathe—in jeopardy.

What will be the cost to the quality of life for our children if we don’t act today? How many more sharks will needlessly suffer and die at the hands of people who are not awakened to this crisis? How will we look at ourselves in the mirror knowing we could have done something about this…but didn’t?

No one can fully know the cost to our world if we don’t act today.
Let’s not wait on the sidelines to find out. 
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